Nice to meet you, friend!


I'm Jean Ali Muhlbauer, a Sagittarius, and I enjoy long walks on the beach... just kidding.

I believe in clarifying and living our values and having them guide how we spend our time at home and work.

My superpower is identifying the patterns that make you successful, the strengths that make you unique, and how those translate into your contribution to the world.

I love helping you grow your business or career by decluttering the noise and going from doing all the things to focusing on the things that will actually matter in getting you closer to your goals.

If you want to know my credentials, they include a BA in Psychology, a Masters in HR, being a Certified Coach, and having an Entrepreneurship Certification from Cornell.

I like to chase "perfect weather" and live in Malibu, California, with my husband, Karl, and our dog, Cooper. I enjoy working with people worldwide.

You're Awesome.


As the CEO of your work and life, you hold the key to getting to the next level. You're already a high achiever but are ready for that next-level success. And you can get there by:

  • Creating the productivity habits that work for you and help you earn more by doing less.

  • Learning to lead your stakeholders so you can influence your customers, teams, and industry.

  • Choosing your leadership presence to create a truly sustainable company or career.

These things allow you to grow and scale from the inside, so you don't simply depend on a specific customer or company to attain your next-level success.

I can help you get there. I've developed a proprietary framework that gets results faster and gives you the tools to take these skills into your future work. Let's work together or reach out if you want to know more.

Fun Facts About Me

  • I was born in Colombia and moved to the US when I was 12. I've lived and worked in four continents.

  • I love using my experience to coach my clients to do the work that's important to them while they increase their impact, influence, and income. Coaching gives me energy.

  • I enjoy traveling. Some of my favorite trips are one I took with Karl to South Africa, a family vacation to Paris, and a 6-week road trip from Texas to California.


While I climbed the corporate ladder - from entry-level jobs putting myself through college to my last role as a VP - I had the opportunity to hire, manage, learn from, and coach hundreds of people. And after all of it, I learned what makes a company successful and a person successful share one thing in common - LEADERSHIP.

Leadership gets confused with "managing" others, and I hear people say it's only relevant if you are in a corporate job or if you lead a team, but that's not true.

Leadership is about achieving your goals. It's as much about how you lead yourself as it's about how you influence others. And as critical as it is, it's not something most of us are taught.

I've been studying leadership for 20 years- in college when I became interested in Organizational Psychology and in my masters program. But nothing prepared me for the working world as much as the opportunities I had to fail as a leader- in how I lead myself, my teams, and the business. My advantage was that day-to-day I got to coach and study other people, so I know what works.

Combining that with my experience coaching business owners and executives, I've learned that no growth or slow growth is a leadership problem.

Each of us does work that matters, and by finding the leader within, we get to exponentially increase our impact, influence, and income without working harder.

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